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I. No. 1 Student Canteen
   The No. 1 Student Canteen (originally called “Graduate Students' Canteen) is located by the Shaw       Center of Arts. Chinese food is served.
   Hour: breakfast: 06:30-09:00; lunch: 11:00-13:00; supper: 17:00-21:00

. No. 5 Student Canteen
   The No. 5 Student Canteen is opposite to the
XiongdelongStudentCenter. Chinese food is served.
   Hour: breakfast:
6:30-9:00; lunch 11:00-13:00; supper 17:00
   Tel: 84113366

. Chunhui Canteen
   The Chunhui Canteen is also the “new Graduate Students' Canteen”, which is located on the ground     floor of the new graduate students' dormitory. Chinese food is served.
   Hour: breakfast:
6:30-8:30; lunch 11:00-13:00; supper 17:00-21:00
   Tel: 84111233

   Only Campus Card can be used in the above three canteens.

. Puyuan Restaurant
   West Area of the campus. Chinese food is served.
   Hour: lunch
11:30-13:00; supper 17:30-20:30

. Kangle Restaurant
   Kangle Restaurant is just opposite to the Puyuan Restaurant. Chinese food is served.
   Hour: lunch
11:15-14:00; supper 17:15-21:00
   Tel: 84112597

. Zijing Restaurant
   Located 100 meters from the main gate of South Campus. Chinese food is served.
   Hour: breakfast:
7:00-10:30; lunch 11:30-14:30; supper 17:30-21:00;
   Tel: 84111887, 84110813

   Campus Card and cash are accepted in the above three restaurants.

. Wing Kwong Hall
   Wing Kwong Hall is located to the north of the No. 1 Classroom Building, and serves Chinese and         western food.
   Hour: breakfast:
7:30-9:30; lunch 12:00-14:00; supper 17:30-20:00;
   Tel: 84112138

VIII. South Lawn Canteen

   South Lawn Canteen is located to the south of the No.1. ClassroomBuilding, serves Chinese and         western food.

   Hour: 11:00-22:00


Medical Services
The South Campus Clinic provides medical treatment, health care and disease prevention for the faculty, staff and students on the South Campus. Tel: 84113093. Office hour:

8:00am-12:00am; 14:30pm-17:30. Walk in available. Some physical examination is made by appointment only.

At present, there are the following departments in the South Campus Clinic: the internal medicine and pediatrics (including hepatitis and tuberculosis specialists), chirurgery, Gynecology, the department of traditional Chinese medicine, ear-nose-throat department, ophthalmology, department of stomatology, radiation department, the health care and prevention section, the testing and inspection department, the B-ultrasonic checking room and stomach intestines mirror room.

For emergency and accident, please dial "120" or "999" for an ambulance to send the patient to the hospital.

Seeking for other help
I. ISP Project Office: 86-20-8411-2728;
II. University Security Office: 86-20-8411-0110.

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