Since 2010, Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) has started to run International Summer Program (ISP) in July every year. The program is served as one of the most widely recognized global gatherings for international students, regular SYSU students and professors. The highlights of the program link to Chinese language, politics and cultural studies, and business management, especially those fields about Pearl River Delta Area, the South of China where SYSU locates.

The region is widely well known as the engine of the Chinese economy and it is from this region that the country started its opening policy and economic reform thirty years ago. To some extent, the culture and development of this region turn out to be very charming to the world. The program covers a wide range of topics, reflecting the past 10 years of economic achievements and recent challenges to the region as well as to the country. Except in-class sessions, both local company visits and cultural excursion are also offered in the program. Being part of this program means meeting new people, approaching new cultures, and tapping into new resources.

Students from various cultural backgrounds will be recruited to study in the same classroom. SYSU will provide cross-disciplinary, cross-culture and cross-border atmosphere and colorful campus cultural activities for ISP students to broaden their international horizon and enhance their international competences.

• Transcend the boundary of disciplines
Top faculty members of SYSU will join the program to deliver lectures. Topics of the program range from Chinese culture to Chinese economy. Traditional course-based study will be broken down to seminar-based study.

• Transcend the boundary of cultures
ISP students come from various cultural backgrounds around the world. In addition, regular SYSU students will be recruited as buddies to match the international students based on common interests. They will be involved with each other through diverse culture activities and group study projects.

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