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1. When do I apply?
You should apply as far in advance as possible. This will also allow you enough time to make the necessary arrangements to arrive and study. (e.g. visas and applying courses) Normally the online application system will be working until April 1. The earlier you apply, the more likely your application will be accepted. If you wait to apply until or near the application deadline, your application may not be accepted because of space limitations.

2. Can I submit my application materials via email?
No, all application materials must not be received in the mail or by fax. If you send us your materials by fax, the original material should be handed in after your arrival. We are not responsible for faxes that cannot be read. We will not accept any email attachments need to be confirmed.

3. Do I have to complete and submit the online application form?
To be considered for admission, you must submit the Online Application Form. Applying on-line is a more efficient and speedier process. We get your data in our records as soon the on-line application is downloaded into our database (usually no later than the next business day). After completing the online application, you need to submit all required application materials.

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